25 Minute Spa Party Favorites

Whooptie-Dew Bubbling Massage

Massage. Whooptie Dew Bubble Renewal

BEST ENJOYED: For a massage that’s long over dew
THE MOOD: Livin’ your best bubbly life
EXPERIENCE: Skin rejoices when you slip into  this bubbling massage.  This isn’t your grandmother’s massage – it  includes ‘bubblemasking’ for  the dewiest, most delightful renewal you’ve ever experienced! First, we  envelop your skin in a frothy, bubbling  mask that provides active  relief from irritations with soothing  chamomile and green tea extracts  plus a pH-balanced hydration delivery  with sodium PCA. Moisture is  locked in. Your bubbling massage includes a  whipped shea butter that  leaves notes of white velvet buttercream  behind. Calming and delicious!  Upper Body 25 Minute Massage. Back, Head, Neck, Shoulders.  $75 add  another 25 minute treatment for an additional $35.  

The Berry Essentials Body Polish


BEST ENJOYED: When the sun is shining and the berries are blooming!
THE MOOD: A joyful lunch break.
 EXPERIENCE: Rejuvenated and  renewed! Indulge in a captivating  raspberry vodka sea salt scrub to the upper body,  that polishes until  skin gleefully glistens. Next, settle into a  hydrating mask that  provides potent antioxidant-rich, fresh generous  helping of fresh  strawberry fruit cells and whipped Shea butter for a  vitamin-packed  massage that’ll top off your fabulous day! Voila! You look berry  beautiful, darling! 25 minute upper body polish,  $75
  add another 25 minute treatment for an additional $35. 

Coconut Grass Hand & Foot Renewa



BEST ENJOYED: On a sun-drenched Saturday morning
THE MOOD: Toes in the grass, fresh spring day
 EXPERIENCE:  Envelop your hands and tootsies in over  twenty essential  amino acids, vitamins and sweet buttery fats, as the  rich, luxurious  Coconut Milk Soak soothes your skin and reduces  inflammation. Awaken  your senses as Citrus Grass sea salt scrub refines  tough skin while  renewing its lustre. Next, become engulfed in creamy  comfort with a  divine Marshmallow butter melt wrap, made with a blend of rich butters  and marshmallow-like notes of tonka bean and sandalwood.  Come full  circle in this treatment with a massage to the hands & feet!  $75  add another 25 minute treatment for an additional $35.  

Guac N' Glow! Toning & Tightening Facial


BEST ENJOYED: When craving a cool, luscious whip
THE MOOD: One mean green
 EXPERIENCE: Ahhhhvocado to the rescue! This facial  leaves you smooth  and completely refreshed. It begins with a hydrating, minty-crisp Green  Tea Milk Cleanser. Next, a powder blend -- combining  powerhouse  turmeric, mango butter, poppy seeds, milk and clay -- allows   exfoliation and hydration to begin. After a quick rinse, bask in a  dollop of Guac Star revitalizing and cooling mask that nourishes skin  with avocado oil, butter & extract, essential fatty acids,   moisture-locking ingredients, and skin-feeding super antioxidants –   green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Once you’ve hit a happy shade of   green, we apply a skin-brightening super serum. Three Milk  Moisturizer,  infused with patented peptides, helps soften deep winkles,  say, hello to a more vibrant you!   $75 add another 25 minute treatment  for an additional $35. 

Add Ons


  • SINUS SOOTHER  Mineral soak compress, 5 min acupressure facial massage relieving sinus pressure $15
  • CHOCOLATE CITRUS DECOLLETE' TREATMENT   Sundae Best Chocolate CoQ10 mask + Spotted Leaving Serum evens & brightens décolleté'  $15
  • HAIR’S TO YOU  Warm Agave Nectar Oil hair & scalp treatment + 10 min scalp massage $15
  • HAND & FOOT TREATMENT with STEAMING WRAP. CHOOSE FROM:  -Warm Agave Nectar Oil -Marshmallow Shea Butter Melt -Honey Heel Glaze $20
  • HAND or FOOT Nail Polish $10
  • HONEY GLAZE & CREAM FOOT COCOON Sweet Cream Sea Salt Foot Scrub, Honey Heel Glaze moisture serum application + steaming foot wrap $15
  • MARSHMALLOW MELT DOWN MASSAGE  Hands, feet, neck and shoulders receive a warm drizzle of melted Marshmallow Shea Butter + 10 min massage $20
  • BACK IN ACTION  5 min seasonal back scrub treatment after massage. Gentleman’s favorite! $15
  • SUN SOOTHER SUNBURN RELIEF   Double Moisturizer application with cool towel compress $10
  • SWEET SUGAR LIPS   One Fine Day Shea Sugar lip exfoliation + Marshmallow Shea Butter melt application $10
  • SOFT UP PARAFFIN TREATMENT Paraffin wax wrap, secret to soft skin. Add to hands or feet!  $10 add to both $15!