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Spa Retreate

Choose a theme, Let our Spa Team take part in bringing relaxation to your venue.

Girls Spa Weekend Getaway

Girls Weekend Getaway

Cut loose on a girls weekend.  Get ready for some laughter, fun, and pampering. 

 Spa, Relax, Shop & Nightlife all weekend long! Why one shopping trip, who would limit themselves to their favorite adventures? Why have one spa day!! Let it last all week or weekend!

Romantic Spa Retreat

Couples Massage

In search of a romantic weekend getaway. A "Couples Retreat"  package take all the guesswork out of planning—it includes 2 nights in a  guest room with Spa Treatments for Two!  Dinner? Breakfast? City or Historic Tour!? Let's create a package.

Corporate Spa Retreat

Corporate Spa Retreat


We  all know to be effective at work, we need to be healthy, happy &  motivated. Our corporate spa retreat offer an escape from life, down  time that is much needed to live Healthy & Happy! 

Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

 Wellness Retreat offers a wide range of services in numerous areas. They  include: stress management, spa, relaxtoin, mindfulness & mind renewal, yoga, bootcamp-stye fitness, weight loss, detox programs, posture realignment and more. Plan a Wellness Retreat at your venue.

Create a Event! Invite us! Relax!

Spa Day

Plan the event! Invite us! We will bring the spa to you!